Koinonia Baptist Association of Liberia


There are countless opportunities to serve the Lord in Liberia. If you are burdened to reach underprivileged children, women, and the growing youth population, and engaging Liberia’s least-evangelized people groups, please join us to pray, to go, and to give, or voluntarily serve in some specific ways.

  • Church Planting Movement
    Presently, the KBA--Liberia has a church planting Project wherein we envision evangelizing, discipling and planting five churches in five strategic townships and villages within the next five years down the road. With this, we welcome donated used/new Bibles, tracts, Christian literatures and the help of trained, enthusiastic and willing Christian soldiers who will help us actualize this very important Kingdom Priority within the specified time frame.
  • Grade School Building and Development at Mission Stations
    For Liberia as a Third World setting, we have records that are replete with the history of the fact that educational development is an enhancement and a vehicle for spreading the gospel far and wide. In this light, we have alongside our goals for outreach, plans to build schools and establish Christian Educational Systems and Health Centers especially in our remote mission centers.                                                                                
  • Leadership and Higher Educational Development
    We believe that a good, a spiritually and intellectually well-rounded leadership team will drive the success and future of an organization like ours to viability, the glory of God and the benefit of humankind. This will serve as a catalyst to the advancement of God’s Kingdom. To this end, we are forming reasonable partnerships with higher institutions of learning both in Africa and abroad. We will select outstanding leaders in our association for educational advancement. With well-defined and well-structured partnership, we will be able to establish locally and fully equipped higher institutions of learning for more cost-effective training, more leadership development and more leadership efficiency.    


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Monrovia, Liberia - West Africa