Prayer and Worship

We are empowered by prayers, worship, and praise as we pursue the goal that seeks to exalt Christ as the center of every ministry practice and activity in advancing His kingdom among the unreached communities.

People Matter to God

We are intentional in equipping emerging leaders in active evangelism and missions, to engage the unsaved and unchurched for the purpose of bringing them to personal faith in Christ Jesus. (Luke 5:30–32; 15; Matthew 9:35-38; 28:18-20).

Envisioning leaders for the unreached

We perceive a future connecting indigenous Koinonia Baptist churches in Liberia serving in missional partnership to fellowship and to
develop emerging leaders for incarnational
church planting among the least-evangelized
territories of Liberia and beyond.

How to get involved...

The need to reach the unreached for Christ in the world we live in today needs not be overemphasized. We are in the seasons of the urgency to accomplish the task of the Great Commission more than ever before. And that is what we are all about here in this part of Africa. We believe once it is Kingdom Business, our brethren of other Bible believing churches from other parts of Africa and abroad are hereby being called upon to join hands with us in our efforts to bring together like-minded believers to reach out to some of the remotest parts of the world. We believe that anyone and everyone who is a Child of God and interested in the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on the earth can be a part of our mission and vision. We put our appeal for your involvement in one of the categories of the three P(s)… You can get involved by your 1. Your Prayers, 2. Your Presence and/or 3. Your Precious Stones or Possessions (cash and kind).


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Monrovia, Liberia - West Africa